Thursday, April 17, 2008

Journal Entry

April 15, 2008

God, why do I have such a hard time apologizing without rationalizing or "sharing the blame"? Why can't I just apologize and leave it there?

Sam, when you feel wronged, you get puffed up inside. You don’t just get hurt, you get angry. And then, no matter how much you say that you believe that I’ll accept you in any condition, you still hesitate to listen to my words. It becomes hard for you to believe that you’re hearing from me. That’s why the enemy wants you to stay in a constant state of “hurting”.

I’m here Sam. I haven’t left you. I’m not despairing over your attitude or level of maturity. Trust me Sam. When I say something, I mean it and I don’t take it back.

You think you have to defend yourself when you're hurt. You use anger as energy to fight for yourself and then you feel badly. Why do you feel badly? Because your spirit knows that you aren’t defeated and you don't need to defend yourself. The devil is a liar. See yourself as loved Sam. See yourself as loved by me.

Humbling yourself is agreeing with Me, Sam. Just agree with Me. So what if you’re not always right? You’re best friends with someone who is!!

Praise is key Sam. Just praise me and remember my face. I see you as clean, pure, holy, and whole. Wholly righteous. You are complete; complete in me. I’ll hold your hand and never leave you.

Hope this helps!! ^_^

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