Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I can hardly believe that it's Thanksgiving time again. Time just flew by!!

I've been SO blessed this year! God has been dealing with my heart, rooting up some unforgiveness and planting new seeds in there. I've learned so much recently that it's hard to try to express it all. But I still want to list some of the things I'm thankful for and feel free to share some of the things YOU are thankful for!

Thank you Father for:

~Your love, patience, and ENCOURAGEMENT this year!!
~That certain promise you told me about last year around this time! ;)
~My family; we've been tested, but YOU brought us through it! Praise the Lord!
~My new job and all the new friends I've made. I've been blessed with such favor from my coworkers and bosses; I know that's your handiwork!
~Our new church family!! Only You know how awesome of an impact Empower has had on our lives!
~My new car, it runs like a top!
~My school experience! You've worked some wonderful miracles in that situation and shown me what it means to trust You on a daily basis.

I could keep going for ages, but I have to go get food for my family. I hope that everyone's Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful, blessed occasion! One that brings friends and family closer together and closer to God!

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