Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Growing Up

Well, I finallly did it! I cleaned out my Bible. I've had this pink NIV since I was eight and it's always been my favorite. Even though I like the other translations, the NIV is so easy to understand. During times when I'd be struggling with something or other, that little pink Bible always held something that would touch my heart and turn my thoughts towards God. But that was part of the problem.

My Bible was STUFFED. Crammed to the gills with papers, phone numbers, notes, outlines, a couple photos and even recipes! Over the years, when something would bless my heart, remind me of God's love, or even seem like something that would be powerful in the future, I got into the habit of saving it. And God used those notes! There were times when I'd flip open my Bible and discover the exact encouragement that I needed.
Unfortunately, I began to notice that I couldn't flip to a verse without stuff dropping out. So I put all the notes that I wanted to keep in a special box until I can transcribe them. Hopefully, my Bible will last longer; plus, if anyone wants a killer recipe for loaded oatmeal cookies, I know where find it!

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