Sunday, December 17, 2006

Keeping Your Focus Amid The Bustle

Wow, this has been such a busy time for me. I've been working a lot more, and what with Christmas shopping and finishing up school, I've barely had time to sit down and just be! (Graduation went wonderfully, for those who want to know! Hallelujah!) I wanted to post regularly, and I'm afraid I've fallen down on the job! =\

I could list all the things I've done in the past week, but I'm too nice to do that to you!! Haha! It's just that as I looked back over my schedule and whistled in awe, I felt like God whispered something to me. Don't forget the root of all this. Don't forget the motive behind all the actions and steps.

You see, I've been becoming more involved in my church (it's been fun and wonderful!). As my days become filled with all sorts of doings, it's easy to forget that I want my schedule to be controlled by my Heavenly Father! It's easy to forget that He is the driving force behind everything that I do. Even the little things, like driving my sisters somewhere or picking something up for my mom, they are all things that I want to do cheerfully. I want my God to know that I do even these teensy things in love for Him.

So as I scour out the sink at work or volunteer to fill someone else's shift, I MUST stop and trace my actions back to their source. Am I doing this from a love of being busy? Or am I doing this because I want to develop the heart of a servant? Have I wandered from the original determination to be led by the Holy Spirit? I keep feeling like God doesn't want me to become distracted by all the "things" and "appointments".

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! As you hustle out to buy more stocking stuffers and wrapping paper, don't become distracted from the heart of the season!

Love ya,

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Heart Cry... said...

This doesn't really have to do with this particular post. But, just an encouragment: keep writing what God gives you on here. Don't be afraid for people to read what you write; it's a great opportunity to speak. I'm sending people to you, just so you know. Have a great day!