Sunday, November 2, 2008

YAY!!! Dave Duell!!!

Guess what?? It's my BIRTHDAY on Sunday!! Woohoo!! Yeah! 23 years ancient and looking forward to the next year!

What is really fun is that I think God is giving me a flight of birthday surprises. Y'all know how much I love church right? (Duh.) Anyhoo, we have had two of my favorite ministers come into town in the last two weeks! And - try not to scream- my favorite minister of all time is FINALLY coming back to the area! The last time I was at a Dave Duell meeting, God set me free from a bunch of dark, tormenting junk. My whole life has been different since that meeting, so you can see why I'm so excited for Dave to come back!

=^_^= Don't worry, I'll post about the meetings! I'm expecting some great stuff!!

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jamiedelaine said...

Hey! Sam has a blog!! I will be following. :) I LOVE this on your profile...

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?
Natalie's phone number - 'Cause she'll have everyone else's!! =P