Monday, July 9, 2007

A Word On Worship

When bad things happen, it's so tempting to stare down the problem. To weigh it, measure it, analyze it, dissect it, and then try to come up with a solution. I can get so absorbed in my mental processes that I can't see anything but the problem. When this obsessing gets crazy, I've found that the best thing I can do when things go wrong is to worship God.

See, worship isn't just singing songs and feeling solemn inside. It's a way to change what I'm paying attention to. It's redirecting my focus off of MYSELF and MY PROBLEMS onto God.

When I'm consumed with my stuff and myself, I believe it's a form of worship. The problem has first dibs on my attention, it consumes my thoughts, I might change my normal routine to give extra attention to the problem, and I'll expend any amount of energy in deference to the problem. That's really messed up!

I've been reading this book by Bill Johnson called "Strengthen Yourself In The Lord" (another book I highly recommend!!) and here's what he says on the subject:

"Instead of focusing on God's greatness in my life, I was focusing on myself. I was actually agreeing with the enemy by making my own problems bigger than God's promises. And my agreement invited that cloud of oppression to hover over me."

Worshiping God forcibly changes my focus. Instead of magnifying the problem, I magnify God (who is worthy of all honor and attention). And it's not about worshiping God to change the situation, it's just focusing on the truth! I have a Father who loves me, who is looking out for my best, and if I keep my eyes on Him and listen for Him in all situations, I can't help but be blessed!! No weapon formed against me or my loved ones can prosper!

This is the truth. Instead of focusing on facts, I'll focus on truth. As my pastor says, "Facts can't affect the truth, but the truth can always change the facts!"


Sarah Barlow said...

Great post!
Hmm..Love that last quote...I guess I just needed to read it to remember it! haha!
Yes, I know, very bad pastor's daughter ehh?? lol! ;)
I'm excited for tomorrow!

Samantha F. said...

Hee hee, you shouldn't have to be able to remember EVERYTHING your dad EVER said.... That would be just a tad too much to expect! Lol!

Tomorrow is going to ROCK. O_O I'm sooooooo hyper about it, you're going to have to hold me back!!

Sabra said...

Awesome post and anointed thinking you have there! We can NEVER exalt God too much or ever say enough about His worth, His majesty, and His goodness. The more we talk about His wonders and miracles, the more we honor Him and spread the fragrance of His salvation everywhere! Good going, kiddo!