Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Challenge

My brother is in India right now. I'm getting ready to go to bed, and his day is just beginning.

I'm floored by the fruit coming out of his life. It's not that it was unexpected (I always knew that he was meant for something big); it's more like staring at a really bright light. You aren't startled by it's brightness, but it dazzles you all the same.

My family is close-knit and extremely loyal. It has been difficult for us to let someone who was not related to us into that "inner circle" of familial closeness. We're friendly and outgoing, but there is a wall that family friends can run up against without even realizing it.

My brother is particularly dedicated to us. He's always been focused on making a better life for us all. But right now, he's in India! At this moment, he's pouring himself out on behalf of people he's never met before!

Let me tell you, this isn't the brother I've grown up with. I've never heard him speak of caring about folks across the street, much less half a world away! And yet, his emails home are filled with stories and descriptions of things over there. He talks about the people, and he's warning us that he wants to go back as soon as possible. He's so filled with love and compassion and fire for the people in India, I'm blown away.

What happened to him? How did this heart change come about?

He got to know God.

You can't spend time with God without changing on the inside. You can't have a relationship with Him without being transformed from the very foundations of who you are. It's the best, most amazing thing anyone could ever experience.

Why don't you test it out? We could do it together. For one week, starting tomorrow, we'll spend fifteen minutes with God. At the beginning of the fifteen minutes we'll tell Him, "Father, this next fifteen minutes is for you. Do what you want with them; I'm listening." If you feel like you should turn some worship music on, do that. If you feel like you should just sit and listen, do that. If you feel like you should draw a picture, do that.

And next Sunday, I'll post and tell you what happened to me. Feel free to comment and tell me about your week. If you come in on this late, no biggie! If you want to join in, just start when you're ready, then comment about your seven days.

I'm excited to see what happens!!

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Heart Cry... said...

Wow! I really am so excited for Jeremy, that he gets to be in India ministering to people! And it is true, when you know God you defiantly change on the's wonderfully amazing! Not that I'm all the way there, I want to know God more- to be even closer than I have gotten so far. It's a wonderful adventure- getting to know God more and more!
Good challenge by the way! =)