Saturday, May 12, 2007

Road Trip!!!!

Hey Everyone,

This Monday, my family is heading out to Nevada! It will take us about three days to get out there, we'll stay for about a week, and then head back. So I'll be gone from this blog for the next two weeks.

Don't worry though!! I've got some posts all lined up for while I'm away, and I've asked my dear friend Becca to post for me! I just won't be able to respond to any comments because I won't have internet.

This trip is going to ROCK!! Seriously, my sisters and I get wild (well, it's wild for us, lol) on vacation! We're going to take loads of pictures and videos, so you'll get to see us kicking back. Aka, eating reeses for breakfast, cracking REALLY bad jokes, and basically goofing off. *sighs* Man, this is going to be fun!

See ya when I get back!!

1 comment:

Heart Cry... said...

I'm excited for you! Have a great time. And yes, I really will miss you...but have a tiggerific time! =)