Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Wanting A God You Can Talk To"

I'm feeling happy! Extremely, thoroughly happy! I've been reading this book by Jesse Duplantis called "Wanting A God You Can Talk To" and I'm loving it. It's filling me up on the inside and confirming just about every hope and dream I've had concerning talking with God.
(Sniper, if you wanted a book that would answer your questions about talking to God, THIS IS THE BOOK.)

I like this book because Jesse Duplantis keeps things simple. There isn't a whiff of religious-ness about him. It's not a hard read. I didn't feel like he had a thesaurus right by his side when he was writing the book. He just talks about his experiences with seeking God and offers encouragement anyone wanting to have a one on one friendship with God. Check it out!

(Thank you Becca, for giving this book to me! Anna has GREAT taste!)

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