Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I didn't even see this until a few seconds ago, but check it out. It's amazing.

April Showers

Ooo, and this too: 10/21/07, Schlyce Jimenez - Living By Grace.


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When You Have Nothing Good To Say...

I've been reading the book that I got from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, the one that has all the daily bible studies/deep thought of the day's. It's an interesting read, and it definitely sticks in your head. It's not unusual for me to find myself mulling over something I read several days after I read it!

Like this: "Patience is the power twin of faith." At first, it stuck with me just because I though it was hilarious! Like, "Pastor Copeland, let me guess. You watch the power rangers with your grandkids, right? It's starting to creep into your semi-sermons..." (Heheh....)

But I keep hearing that phrase in my head. Not because it's hilarious, but because it's true.

I'm experiencing something I've never experienced before. I don't have a short term vision that I'm steering towards. And it's frustrating, annoying, and tiring. I'm a visual person, I have a vivid, active imagination, and I love daydreaming. Since turning my life over to God, I've seen just about all of my imaginations come true. I've gotten used to expecting the things that I'm dreaming about come to fruition pretty quickly. To suddenly have nothing looming on the horizon is very disconcerting. =\

I don't want to waste my time dreaming about things that aren't "on the approved list" with God. And it would be a waste! Why daydream about something that doesn't fall into line with what I was created to be/do?

So for now, I'm just waiting. I've decided to keep on doing the things that I know have life in them, that are good, and trust that God will show me what to do at some point. This is where patience comes in. I know that God has good plans for me, and I know that this spot, this time is temporary.